Here we go, we all sit down at night, after work, after grocery shopping, after running all of our errands. We sit, and we want to have a quiet peaceful space. Yeah that’s right we all have our own STUFF!!! I don’t know about you, but I know many people and yes we need our stuff and need ALL of our stuff!!! We need our lotion at night because our hands are dry from gloves, we need each remote for whatever device we are watching. Remote to watch our television well of course! How about our favorite magazine that we can rifle through and get ideas for the following day. Maybe you have a favorite book that you keep on your coffee table, I do. I’m sure they’re quite a few of you who may need some readers. whether they’re prescription or not it doesn’t matter but they need to stay, we need our coasters, tissues,napkins,etc.So with all this being said why can’t we make it beautiful? Why can’t we make it really beautiful? We can…..

Don’t settle for the cardboard box of tissues decide that you’re going to find a tissue holder, if it doesn’t work with your decor, destress it, paint it, make it your own. How about some thing to caddy all the remote controls? Well yes find a remote holder or find what would be a silverware holder and use it as a remote holder paint it maybe even stencil it doesn’t really matter as long as it works with your decor your vibe. It sounds extremely trivial doesn’t it but especially after a year of being home because of what is transpiring in this world, why don’t we make our spaces beautiful…JUST A THOUGHT….Peace

Beautiful FUNCTION
Favorites at hand
Night vision
Favorites at fingertips!