After a few years of not knowing what our lives would be, we round the corner.


All of us want calm , peace, good health, but the last couple of years we questioned everything.

For me, I was and am thankful enough to have talents I have worked on and honed for years and years. I also know and understand that our talents take us to new places of creating. I don’t think or agree with the years old saying “OH SHE WAS BORN WITH TALENT”

Disagree… Now maybe you have a family that is LIT with CREATIVITY, but to use and create daily… It’s work. To become good at something is fairly simple, to fine tune your gifts, is WORK. HARD WORK. To learn to be exquisite at whatever your choice of craft will be, get ready to work very hard!!! Daily….

Laundry ENTRY
House work is work let’s make it USABLE BEAUTY